While its traditional culture, unspoiled nature and regal history have long been the highlights of a visit to Brunei, it is very much a 21st century destination, its famous national wealth and devoted efforts by His Majesty the Sultan have resulted in booming infrastructure development, transforming Brunei into an undiscovered centre of contemporary sophistication in Asia.

World class golf courses, fashionable malls, a luxury resort hotel, spas, theme parks and sporting facilities make Brunei a destination that can keep any modern traveller entertained and pampered. Brunei's restaurants offer delicious food from local delicacies to sophisticated international fare to appeal to the most discerning gourmand, and several state-of-the-art meeting, conference, and exhibition venues draw a steady stream of business travellers.

Shopping centres in Brunei can be found in the major town centres of all of Brunei's four districts. In Bandar Seri Begawan, most shopping centres are located in the Gadong and Kiulap commercial districts.


Brunei is known for its hospitable people and to experience a truly regal welcome. One of your first concerns when visiting a new country is where you are going to put up for the night. In Brunei, there are plenty of places which offer a soft bed and a nice view around the capital city. Hotels here range from budget to mid range to pure indulgence, so the final choice really depends on your inclination and budget.

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Shop till you drop!

Shoppers are generally spoilt for choice in Brunei. From traditional markets and tiny boutiques shops to huge shopping complexes, visitors and locals alike will find opportunities to indulge their shopping fancy. Offering a variety of goods at incredibly competitive prices, shoppers can pick up anything ranging from market trinkets to branded goods.

Outdoor markets in Brunei sell anything from local food to handicrafts and many of the shopping complexes offer clothing, electronics and cosmetics all under one roof.

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Spa & Wellness

Pamper yourself to a treat at the spa after a long day of shopping or whether it is after enjoying the bountiful nature, admiring the opulence of Brunei’s ancient monarchy. A day of pampering doesn't have to be expensive – there are a wide range of spa and wellness treatments around Brunei so go ahead and treat yourself while visiting the Abode of Peace.

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Sports & Recreation

Sports enthusiasts will find Brunei to be an attractive new destination in the region with its beautiful sun-kissed beaches, warm waters and gentle breezes. Scuba diving devotees will be thrilled with the crystal-clear waters which hide such undiscovered treasures as beautiful coral reefs and old sunken shipwrecks. Other wide range of water sports include sailing, water-skiing, windsurfing and snorkelling. 

The easily accessible recreational Parks, in and around the capital, are popular with locals and visitors, being challenging for fitness enthusiasts, offering great views from the peak of their hills and being of interest to nature buffs. 

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